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Hello and welcome to my photography website.

I would personally like to thank you for taking the time to browse through my photography work here at www.stevenjhodge.com. This website is in fact a glimse of some of the work I have done. I will only be showcasing photos that have been approved by my clients for web use. As you may have already assessed from my body of work available on my site, I am extremely passionate about capturing the essence of my clients and the surrounding locations. This is mainly why I specialize in landscape / outdoor / environmental photography versus studio photography. (Although, one can be just as creative in studio creating breathtaking pictures.)

In my early years of life I discovered my passion for photography and thus began my camera collection. Going from film to digital boosted my desire to become a professional photographer and today my creative limits are constantly expanding because of the digital age. I am forever grateful to be in this technological wave. I have spent a couple of years being educated in photography and I would urge anyone looking to become a professional photographer to do the same as it really takes more than pushing the shutter button to be a pro photographer.

I thrive off of capturing moments that will live on through the ages and I enjoy the relationships that are cultivated during each shoot as it is extremely important to me to have a solid rapport with my clients, before, during and after each shoot. This is my usual experience as I am also blessed with the love of communication and ease of breaking the ice with those positioned in front of my cameras :).


Steven J. Hodge


Here is what I offer my clients:


My photographic preference is shooting in real life settings (Portraiture / Indoor Events, Outdoors/Environmental Portraiture, Landscapes, Beaches, Parks, Bridges ...etc. If you are interested in studio shots with backdrops, I do not provide such services at this time.

I shoot with a full frame Canon 6D as well as a crop sensor 7D. I utilize fast lenses (f/2.8 and lower) Canon & Tamron and I am currently wirelessly set up to shoot in just about any place where I can set up my off camera speedlights, softboxes and unbrellas.

I am available to shoot Portraiture, Fashion, Pet Photography, Event Photography (Includes: Birthday Celebrations, Graduation Ceremonies, Bar Mitzvahs, Night Club Parties, Private Functions, Beach Parties, First & Second Shooter for Weddings). 

I am totally available for hire to shoot around the world. For details on out of state shoots and overseas travel please contact us!

I can be hired to do the following shoots:


Portraiture/Engagement Photography: 1 hour Shoots in a location of your choice where permission to shoot is obtainable - Priced at $250.00 Per Hour

Price includes1 hour before the shoot consultation with me via the phone or in person, where I will direct you on posing and where to find posing tips. I designate this time to discuss attire, makeup, props and ideas for the shoot as well as location are all discussed and decided upon.

20+ plus shots per hour of your choice will be delivered professionally edited by me 7 - 10 business days after shoot. Transportation costs to and from location will be added to the base fee. Above the 20 pics will be an additional cost of $10 dollars a image.

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Fashion Photography: For fashion shoots my rates vary depending on the total amount of hours my services will be required.

Pricing is as follows: 1 hour Fashion Shoot - $275.00 + Transportation costs to and from Venue.

Includes: Prompt arrival with all my professional gear along with light editing done to the 20 images per hour taken at the Fashion Show, delivered 7 business days after shoot.

Any image selected for deeper editing will be at a cost of $10 dollars.

For Fashion Shoots beyond the 5 hour time frame, my rate is $250.00 dollars per hour + transportation costs to and from Venue

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Pet Photography: A time frame of two hours is generally required to be able to capture your pet's portraits. - Priced at $250.00 + transportation cost to and from location of shoot.

Price includes: 15 shots of your pet along with owner in a location of choice. From which you select 15 of your favorite shots for deep editing. Any selection above the amount included in the base price will be an additional $10 dollars per image.

All edits will be available 7 business days after the shoot.

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Event Photography: Celebrations such as Birthdays, Graduations, Bar Mitzvahs, Night Club Parties, Business or Private Functions, and Beach Parties are all priced the same at $275.00 per hour.

Price includes: 15 Perfectly Exposed Pictures per hour. These shot will include Portrait shots, Group Shots, Candids of both the Guest of Honor as well as all attending family members/guests and Venue decorations etc.

All edits will be available 7 - 12 business days after the party/function. Any picture selected by customer to be specially edited or remastered will be at an additional cost of $10 per image.

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Wedding Photography/Second Shooter Photography services at Weddings is priced at $299.00 per hour.

Price includes: A couple hours of prior communication with First Shooter to receive all instructions from Wedding Clients to ensure that all requested images are taken and delivered.

15 Perfectly Exposed Pictures per hour. These shots will include Portraits shots, Family Portraits, Candids of guest and family interaction along with Ceremony and Reception Shots from second angle for Wedding Album.

All images will be tendered over to the First Shooter after the shoot is complete via file transfer from SD/CF cards etc.

Clients and/or First Shooter is more than welcomed to have me edit any image requested at an additional cost of $15 dollars per image.

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